Tricks photo1 scaled - Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Meeting

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Meeting.


The COVID-19 pandemic has only hurried the advent of online meetings and conferences which are here to stay! These virtual platforms provide the venue for all impending decisions, and it’s a sensible idea to absorb something extra about them. Here are some tips to keep in mind during any such online video conferences-


1. Choose your online meeting platforms wisely

There are a plethora of meeting platforms like Zoho Meeting, Zoom, Google Duo, etc. already in the market. With new ones coming each day, it’s quite a task to select one. Don’t lessen its importance. Most platforms come with a trial period which helps you understand its interface, features and ease-of-use. Dabble with them and choose what works for you best!


2. Your entrance speaks immensely!

The moment a person enters a video online meeting is crucial. It is a make-or-break moment on how the meeting proceeds. It is advisable to keep yourself on mute unless you are the one who is speaking. Also, turn your camera on only after you have entered the meeting. Inspect your surroundings before becoming visible to others.


3. Use Poll, Quiz and Chat Functions

Your audience experience escalates tremendously when you keep interactions alive. Use chat and quiz functions to engage with them fully. Accept questions and interrogate them too. Take faster and better group decisions and feedback with the help of Polls. These simple efforts turn your meetings into an experience in itself.


4. Use all available features of online meeting

There are several tips and tricks available that offer these virtual platforms a touch of reality. Record all sessions and document them for future use. You can virtually alter your backgrounds and attend them from anywhere in the world! To prevent any unnecessary people from joining, ‘lock’ these online meetings. Keep exploring new features and utilise them to the best of your ability.


5. Most importantly, keep it short

Most people juggle poorly with time and content during such online meetings. You can commit added attention here as the key to any successful meeting lies in how effectively and efficiently discussions take place. The trick is to decide upon the essential points to be discussed and adhere to them religiously. Assign some minutes to each topic and wrap up the dialogue within that time. However, keep in mind, do not rush through them. There is a fine line between hurried and quick. Pace yourself well and conduct a successful online meeting every time.

Tricks photo1 scaled - Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Meeting