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Emails are the new way forward for marketing but do you really want to busy yourself in complicated platform and formats? Well, Creative Studio is here to fulfill your needs. Leave the creating, designing and sending to us and just enjoy the results! You get to concentrate on your business while we take care of its marketing.

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Best practices while drafting email campaign

Marketers may encounter a few errors while drafting the content of their email campaign. In some cases, such errors may also affect their email deliverability. These errors can be avoided if some of the basic points are kept in mind when campaign content is being prepared.
Avoid using shortened URLs for hyperlinks in your content. Shortened URLs may cause problems while redirecting to the destination. Use the destination URL directly in the content and you can hyperlink it with an image or text.

Make sure that the URLs that you use are valid. There may be instances when your URL is not complete, or when you use URLs with an invalid domain name. This may cause your email to end up in SPAM.

Images that you use in your content should be less than 1MB in size. If your images are greater than 1MB, there may be a lazy rendering of such images, and they will not be displayed properly in your email campaign.

Make sure you have more than images in your email campaign content. You should always have some plain text in your email campaigns. Some of your subscribers may have blocked images in their incoming emails and some mail service provider may automatically block images. If you only have images in your campaign content, they may get blocked, and no information will be displayed in your email. This may reduce your email’s open count.

Make sure that you have alternative values for your images. The alternative values will be shown when your images are not loaded. Even if some of your images get blocked, their alternative values will give brief information about the image to your subscribers. You can add the alternate value/text for an image when you upload it from a file or from an URL.

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Our Other Branding, Marketing & Business Automation Service


Looking for a Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, or Digital Marketing Services?
We provide exactly what you are looking for.
We are a one-stop solution for all your branding needs.

Personalized Branding

Logo Design – Visting Cards – Brochure Design – Product Photography – Corporate or Factory Photography – Corporate Identity.

Brand Marketing

Corporate Identity – Website Design and Development – Digital Marketing – Social Media Marketing – SEO – Gooogle Advertisement – Facebook Advertisement – Online Marketing.

Few More Services.

Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Shoot, Wedding Shoot, Motion Graphics promo videos, and many more.

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We deal with all types of Graphic Designs like – Label Design, Publicity Material Design, Mascot Design, Social Media Post, Any other.
We turn companies into brands.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but great cinematography is priceless. We provide outstanding video services for a number of public and private events, from birthdays and weddings to concerts and company socials.

Our photos are one of the best you can find. We provide professional photography services for your Website, Digital Marketing, or for events like Wedding, Pre-Wedding. Our team is expert at providing perfect photos for every need.

Get the best Digital Marketing Services and Internet Marketing solutions you need. Our Online Marketing Services include PPC, SEO, social, and more! We do Digital Marketing with twin objectives of revenue generation at great rates!

Our Other Branding, Marketing & Business Automation Service

Looking for a Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, or Digital Marketing Services?
We provide exactly what you are looking for.
We are a one-stop solution for all your branding needs.