What does a person notice when he first enters a marketplace?

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Not products and their prices but their packaging!

The first introduction any product has with a potential customer is through sight and it is a known fact, first impressions are usually the last impressions!

This forms the main theme of why product packaging is essential for any company.

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Your stance on packaging design for products depicts a lot of things- your graphic design marketing strategy, your focus on brand identity creation, your knowledge of your market and consumer and, most importantly, your vision for your company.

Believe it or not, the perfect package design not only attracts the attention of your target customer, but also embodies what your company believes in. In fact, experienced managers and CEOs are known to judge a company by its graphic design marketing strategy!

They know, as we all should, that packaging speaks. For example, Apple products are usually in simple white minimalistic packages as the company itself believes in keeping everything simple.

Thus, packaging can become an extension of your product itself and present it in a way words never could.

In such a noisy and loud world, products are all about looks and feel.

If it looks good, it sells.

Your packaging design for products ensures this! It can ensure that the customer relates to the product and connects to its idea in one glance.

Since that’s all a product might receive! It’s imperative that your packaging shares the quality of your product.

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Packaging Designs by Creative Studio

It can become a major selling point for all your customers- both established and new.

A superior product with shoddy packaging might fail, but a mediocre one wrapped in exceptional design will definitely sell. That’s how important packaging can be!

Packaging might not build empires, but it can certainly build brands!

Now, what is branding? It’s when people know your company not only for your products but what you represent! They identify with your company which is only possible if you follow a defined graphic design marketing strategy.

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Label & Bottle Packages designed at Creative Studio

Attractive packaging when kept consistent can perform wonders for brand identity creation. Customers begin connecting certain colours and concepts to the product itself and in extension, to the brand.

Identical to the swoosh symbol becoming synonymous with Nike and the blue arrow with Amazon, a design can become a brand’s identity. Thus, it is essential that package design is chosen which is unique and long-lasting.

Even companies with a brand presence can capitalise on it

By using packaging that accentuates it and makes it even finer.

This also brings in the avenue of co-branding as only with a powerful brand presence can a deal become beneficial for any potential partner.

A good packaging design for products is a winner in all cases.

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Be a winner in Your Branding

This brings us to the significance of brand identity creation and co-branding. Both create new avenues for each other by introducing new opportunities.

Co-branding can give a kick-start to our company’s brand

By bringing in an entire new consumer base while a strong brand presence makes a company viable to other smaller firms.

Thus, it is imperative that one practices them both in equal measure.

In the sea of brands and products, only one advice works-

STAND OUT or Get Out!

Be Unique with your Brand Positioning & Stand Apart from the crowd
Be Unique with your Brand Positioning & Stand Apart from the crowd

A suitable design and package give wings to a product

Helping it glide over others. It blends shapes and colours in a way that attracts the eyes and attention while keeping the idea intact. IDEA- as, in the words of Steve Jobs, “Marketing is all about ideas now!”

People rather not know about what features a product has or how low their prices are.

They care about the feel or idea behind the product and what problems does it solve. Capturing that is perhaps most difficult and important!

A beautiful design can provide an outlet to the underlying idea and connect to the consumer unlike anything else can.

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It might even attract the attention of a company looking for a co-branding partner. Then, more attention from an entire new industry and source comes into play!

Graphic Design Marketing Strategy- a phrase used quite a few times here! Well, that is how essential it is.

A proper one can do wonders for efforts towards viability for co-branding.

All it requires is a packaging design for products that understands its industry and has the vision of how to keep connecting to its target consumer.

A strong graphic design marketing strategy is what turns any company into a brand and is a certified way of brand identity creation.

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Thus, the package design of your product can prove to be a game-changer for your brand and brand identity creation.

How solid a company’s graphic design marketing strategy shows whether it is in for the long haul or not!

It is a fine investment under any circumstances and is as important as the product itself! Restrain from brushing it off as useless and give it the attention it deserves- which is phenomenal. Choose well. It could be the difference between success and failure.